Infrared Thermal Flat Roof Leak Detection Surveys

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The UK Thermography Association is now a Special Interest Group within the British Institute of Non-destructive Testing

Infrared Thermal Flat Roof Leak Surveys

We can use our thermal cameras to survey, detect and find flat roof leaks, trapped moisture under waterproofing, damaged or missing insulation and hidden structural features. You can fix and repair leaks with confidence knowing that their was no need to replace you flat roof structure. We can help you save thousands of pounds on the future ongoing maintenance of your flat roof with annual preventive maintenance surveys.

Here at Thermal Surveys we are committed to proving a professional infrared thermal flat roof leak detection service. All our thermal surveyors are IRT qualified from level 1 to level 3 and have many years experience in the field of surveying flat roofs enabling us to report on any thermal anomalies and leaks that maybe found.

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Hot Spots

In the day time damaged areas on flat roofs look cold but at night they look warm, thus knowing the difference is everthing.

Why use thermal imaging

  • Locate flat roof leaks
  • See extent of water ingress
  • Have work done under warrenty
  • Check flat roof repair work

Save Thousands of £££'s

Thermal imaging can save you thousands of £££'s by find leaks in flat roofes, if left leaks can destroy large areas of flat roof space and cost thousands in wasted heating energy bills. Locate and fix small leaks not a full roof.

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