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Infrared Thermal Imaging Insulation Analysis

Damaged, missing or wet insulation costs money, this money is spent on the extra energy needed to heat or cool your buildings, without insulation heat can escape quicker than it would to if insulation was there. Damaged insulation through damp or roof leaks can speed up the thermal conduction process by providing a highly conductive path for heat to escape.

Infrared thermal imaging has been very successfully used in the spotting missing or damaged insulation in buildings and the petrochemical industry for inspecting and monitoring system performance and the integrity of insulated pipelines and vessels.

Here at Thermal Surveys we are committed to proving a professional thermal imaging service. All our surveyors are IRT qualified from level 1 to level 3 and have many years experience in the field of detecting missing or damaged insulation, enabling us to offer our clients a professional thermographic service.

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Thermal Imaging

Infrared thermal imaging camera can see areas of air intrusion and missing insulation. By fixing these problem areas with in your property will greatly reduce your energy consumption and those bills.

Insulation Analysis

  • Missing cavity wall insulation
  • Missing loft insulation
  • Claim warranty repairs
  • Assess insulation installers workmanship
  • Collect proof for legal action

Missing Insulation

We have seen many examples of missing insulation in properties, manly due to lazey insulation installers and rouge builders. Our images and reports can be used in court cases.

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