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The Institute of Infrared Thermography
Institute of Infrared Thermography
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Thermography Training Courses

The Institute of Infrared Thermography is dedicated to providing quality thermography training to individuals and organisations around the world By engaging instructors who have gathered a wealth of knowledge in the field and are highly skilled, we can deliver training courses of outstanding quality. Our dedication and commitment to our students is second to none and client satisfaction our primary aim.

Our thermography training courses encourage the use of infrared technology to reduce energy consumption by ensuring assets operate efficiently .condition monitoring of assets is an effective method of controlling costs within industry, the technology being used to determine energy loss from mechanical, electrical, process and buildings assets, thus being viewed as the most versatile tool on the market.

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Electrical Thermal Surveys

Any faults on electrical systems cause expensive business downtime, damage, loss of production or risk from fire call be prevented through thermal imaging surveys on your electrical systems and equipment.

Building Applications

  • Heat Loss
  • Draught Proofing
  • Wet or Missing Insulation
  • Flat Roof Leaks
  • Water Damage

Process Thermography

Thermal Imaging of process applications are some of the least exploited infrared opportunities in industry as any breakdowns are very costley. Thermal imaging can spot failing process components before they fail.

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